Monday, September 7, 2009

Arm Exercises For Women to Tone and Shape Arms

Women have major problem when it comes to batwings or non muscle arms that is why they decide for tone workouts and other arm exercises for women. Here you will get basic info on which exercises are one that give the best progression when it comes to tone your arm and gain muscles, including some basic tips which you should follow regarding nutrition.

Before starting with working on your arm muscles you need to start a diet, not so hard one for start. First you need to eat around 4-5 times per day low calories meals. That includes less carbo, more proteins to gain muscle and low fat. Also, try to drink water it is much better than any juice! To gain more power and to lose fat faster you should drink green tea before each workout, one hour before, it will help you a lot trust me!

Now after you set up a goal and took notes on basic nutrition advices you are ready to start working on your arms. When it comes to workout and shaping your arms, it is enough that you do workout 1-2 per week, because your muscles need to rest and working on them every day will not help you a lot, if you have a free day, you should go running to lose fat around your arms!

Each week you should change the workout and exercises to get better results, here are some of the basic arm exercises for women that you can start working on right away:

* Barbell Bicep Curls - This is one of the basic biceps exercise. You can stand and work with the barbell or you can sit down and put your elbows on bench and work in that way.
* Dumbbell Bicep Curls - Change the barbell with dumbbells. You can do that exercise at your home if you want, but you will need dumbbells. Do around 3 routines with 15-8 lifts, it is more than enough for start!
* Push-Ups - The very basic exercise for almost all your upper body muscles. Your chest will work and also triceps which is another arm muscle that you need to work on. Another exercise for home workout, do 3 routines with 20 push-ups which is enough for your first day of workout!
* Cable Curls - One of the best triceps exercise for women. Put low weight and do slowly triceps extensions, pushing the cable downwards. Keep your elbows near your body and concentrate only on your triceps muscle. Do 3-4 routines with 14-10.

Get Started Right Now!

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